May 28, 2024

Mina Hair Makeover Photo Contest

After strong debate the winners of the Mina Hair Makeover Photo Contest have been selected.

Mina Hair  is thanking everybody for participating.

Thank you for taking the time and the effort to make  fabulous and amazing pictures on the new and improved Mina Hair sim.

You all made Mina proud and it was very hard to select the winners.

1st Prize $L 5000  Winner is : Cris Valmont

A perfect combination of showing Mina hair and an unique look on the new Mina Hair sim.

Eerste Plaats

2nd Prize $L 2500 Winner is : Kaelyn Alecto

We love the composition  and the feeling of early Second Life Spring.


3th Prize $L 1000  Winner is : Aliylia (LeireWriter) 

Perfect picture of how Spring feels like.

Sitting in the grass looking fabulous wearing Mina hair.

Derde Plaats

We  hope to see a lot more of you all on Flickr in blogs or shopping and relaxing on the new Mina Hair sim.

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