June 14, 2024


There are a couple of possible solutions:

The HUD is off-screen

HUDs scale depending on your Viewer window resolution. For example, if you shrink the window, they become smaller. Since you may not have the same window resolution another Resident does, wearing the same HUDs may look very different in size and position. HUDs can also be rendered off-screen. To see it again:

Right-click the HUD in your inventory and select Detach From Yourself. Right-click the HUD again and select Attach To HUD and choose a different attachment point than the one it was attached to before. This will attach it to the default position for that point, then you can move it back to where you prefer it.

The HUD is hidden

If you have the Advanced menu open, there’s a Show HUD Attachments option (that can be toggled with a shortcut, even if Advanced isn’t enabled). If this is the case, simply relog to show HUDs again. Or:

1 Toggle Advanced menu > Highlighting and Visibility > Show HUD Attachments.

You only see ”Rotate” on your screen when you wear your HUD If you attach your HUD to any other position than the one it attaches to by default (top) you will find that it appears out of frame and possibly rotated to the wrong orientation. Please detach and reattach your HUD to the correct location, or edit it to the correct orientation and position on your screen.
a) you are in a script enabled SIM when you wear the HUD, if not go to one. b) you get a message from the HUD that it is initializing when you first wear it, wait till the end of the message and try again. c) you get a message from the HUD that it has completed initialization at which point it is usable. d) Another HUD is in front of it (closed / invisible). Hit Ctrl/alt/t to show invisible objects and remove things in front of the HUD.

If you have checked the above and are not getting the initialization and ready messages, you can try this: a) try double clicking a hair color, sometimes the HUD doesn’t connect with the hair on the first click. If that does not work try; b) try resetting the scripts in the HUD: attach the item you need to reset. Right click it and select “Edit” on the item. Now your item should be highlighted in blue and/or yellow and the edit box should have appeared. This means that your item is selected and ready to be reset. If you are using the standard secondlife™ viewer you should see a menu at the top of your viewer named Build. Build > Scripts > Reset Scripts.

And if that did not work you can either collect a new HUD by touching the redelivery terminal at my mainstore or you can drop me a notecard and I will send you a replacement. Please provide me witch all transaction details (which hair and color, where and when did you buy it, your full avatar name etc.)