June 14, 2024

AquaSense Wet Hair HUD

The AquaSense Wet Hair HUD is included in all INTERACTIVE dry/wet hair from MINA – it REACTS TO default Second Life WATER!

The hair turns wet on contact with default SL water, It dries of in the sun, 30 seconds to fully dry. You can also use the included Blow Dryer; the hair dries within 5 seconds.

But to make it even more interesting MINA made a HUD to control the hair even more.

2022 Aquasense HUD
  • DRY –   when wet click this button to instantly dry the hair and put it back in
    its  interactive react to water state.
  • WET –  when dry click this button to make the hair wet and dripping as long
    as you want. (the blow dryer does not work when you used this button)
  • ON –     Turn waterdrops ON
  • OFF –    Turn waterdrops OFF
  • TIME – A blue popup window appears in which you can type the number of
    seconds you want the hair to dry when it is interactive and came in
    contact with SL water or other AquaSense products

    Older Aquasense HUD:
older Aquasense HUD
older Aquasense HUD

Q – I took a bath/shower and the hair did not turn wet.
A – The hair only reacts to default SL water or the S&P products.

Aquasense logo copy 2

Other AquaSense products

MINA has been collaborating with Salt & Pepper with this new system. Find out all the Aquasense products Salt & Pepper is offering here: https://www.xxsaltandpepperxx.com/

Check out her Wet T-Shirt collection Gacha!
The S&P Watergun and the S&P Shower also react to MINA’s  INTERACTIVE dry/wet hairs.
It turns wet on contact, drip and dry in the sun again or you can instant dry yourself with the towel of this set!