June 14, 2024

Gift Card

Purchase a gift card of your choice and give it to the person you want to gift it to.

How to use a gift card, received as gift or bought

As first thing wear the gift card by double clicking on it from the inventory, or right clicking and select ‘Add‘: a menu will appear:

MD Gift Card – User Menu

In the dialog it is reported gift card’s amount in L$ and there is only one possible option:

  • Use Card: this button will start the gift card’s utilization process, which will add the gift card’s amount to your balance.

By clicking on ‘Use Card‘, a second dialog will open asking for confirmation:

MD Gift Card – Use card confirmation

By clicking on ‘Yes‘, the gift card’s amount will be added to your current balance and the gift card will not be usable anymore (the script inside deleted itself).  Detach the gift card and delete it from your inventory.
If you forget to delete the card and find it later in your inventory and it does not work, right click the card and choose edit > Content tab : is it empty? No script inside? Then you already used the card even though the amount is still visible.

You can now use your credit simply by clicking on a vendor which supports gift card credit as payment, selecting if buy or gift the product and using ‘Gift Card‘ as payment method. The product’s cost will be subtracted from your gift card’s credit balance.
You can check your balance anytime by clicking on a vendor which supports gift card credit as payment and selecting ‘View Balance‘.