May 16, 2022


BOM (Bakes On Mesh) is a feature, which allows system layers to show on mesh body parts that have been set up for BakesOnMesh. Every kind of system layer (skin, tattoo, clothes, alphas, eyes etc…) when worn will apply to your mesh body/head just the way as system layers show on classic avatars.

Hairbase updates to BOM

All existing MINA hair bases are updated to BOM. The applierkits are retired now.
The BOM layers won’t look the same on all BOM ready mesh heads. Do try the DEMOo before purchasing.

Old BOM hairbases and Lelutka Evox

The Lelutka Evox has a completely different UV Map than the system SL UV map that most mesh heads like Genus, Catwa and older Lelutka heads use. Therefor it is not possible to convert my Standard SL UV Bom hairbases to Lelutka EvoX.

UV maps comparison
UV maps comparison


I did try to recreate the MYLA Hairbase “stripes” for Evox but it looks slightly different.
In the picture below where I wear the Avril hair and you can see the Myla hairbase for EvoX.


It is not possible to recreate Angel for Evox and come close to the original look.


More info about BOM (Bakes On Mesh):