December 6, 2022

Sales System


MINA V.I.P. members get 10% DISCOUNT when wearing the MINA V.I.P. group tag while buying products in the mainstore. This does not apply to purchases made with a gift card and while playing one of MINA’s gacha machines. Please don’t forget to wear the group tag, we can not give the discount afterwards.

(in addition you will receive exclusive Group Gifts, members-only specials and you will be informed about new releases and special events)

MINA V.I.P. membership fee is a one-time cost of $200L.


This feature allows you to check your past purchases made at MINA Hair and have them redelivered to you. The Redelivery Terminal is located behind the counter near the landing point.

Gifting (new system)

Click the vendor and select the option gift. Then Submit the name or the key (UUID) of the recipent avatar. And click the vendor again to pay.  The item purchased is sent to the receiving avatar as inventory offer, and an instant message is sent as well, notifying the receiver about the gift.

GIFT CARD: click here



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