May 28, 2024

MINA Hair – Kimmy for BishBox December 2016



Mina is one of the 15 designers in this months BishBox. She has created Kimmy just for this event.

Package includes: A FITTED mesh hair. A HUD that comes complete with a “remove scripts” feature and a better way to rescale the hair (where applicable/which means only on NON-Rigged mesh). Hair comes with and without materials. This is a FULL color pack deal.

BishBox is a new monthly subscription box. 15 designers have come together to create SEMI exclusive items just for you.

To subscribe to this Event you head to the BishBox HQ and find the Kiosk to reserve your copy. Once you reserve your copy you will then receive your box on the 20th of the Month.

If you miss buying the box before the 20th, no worries. You can still buy into the kiosk but you will pay double the price for it. Subscription is 1500L BEFORE the 20th,  3000L thereafter.

For more information about this Event: *click here*

Kiosks can be found here:

BishBox HQ: *click here*

And here:

MINA Hair: *click here*


*Information on what Mina is wearing can be found HERE.

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