June 14, 2024

MINA Hair – Tifanny – FLF

Tiffany is out for Fifty Linden’s Friday!!

Fifty Linden Friday is a sales event that takes place in the creator’s MainStore. Items are marked for 50L on Friday only, and then are placed back to full price on Saturday morning.

Essentials and Dip Dye Packs are 50L!!!

Tiffany is a carefree long hairstyle with 4 different style options. The hair can be worn one of four ways ways, tucked back and clean, over the shoulders or one of each side over the shoulder. There are multiple texture options along with a color picker to fine-tune the hue for a custom match. The perfect spring hair has arrived…. again!

✚ Rigged
✚ Hair Stylist Hud
✚ Color Pickers on HUD to adjust colors to your liking

Essentials and Dip Dye are out for FLF.

Fifty Lindens Friday April 16th



Outfits: Blueberry

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