July 24, 2024

MINA Hair – Madelyn Aquasense interactive hair for Summerfest!

Madelyn is a timeless and flattering long hairstyle that seamlessly transforms into a captivating water dripping wet look when you enter Second Life water!
Included in this pack is an exciting bonus: a wet hair animation add-on!

Come try the demo! Wear the hair and take a dip in Second Life water, or experience the shower at Summerfest or the MINA mainstore to see it transform into a wet, dripping style. The hair dries on its own in about 30 seconds, or you can use the included “Wet Hair HUD” for instant results. For more information on this HUD and the AquaSense interactive hair, click here: https://minahair.nl/aquasense/

Three distinct color packs are on offer: Natural, Ombres, and (UPDATED) Highlights, each boasting a minimum of 80 color options.

This hair works with all of Salt & Peppers Aquasense clothes and items, go check her store (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Salt and Pepper/126/61/50 ) to find the perfect dry/wet outfit to go with this hair!

Summerfest – an event celebrating summer at the beach!
Summerfest Opens – June 22, 12 PM (noon) SLT
Summerfest Closes – July 12

Taxi to MINA HAir at Summerfest 2024:
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/White Reef/128/128/27

Get a demo in the MINA Hair main store:
https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MINA Hair/90/128/21


Clothes: S&P Madelyn (also @ Summerfest)
Pose: OMY

MINA Hair – Rachel – UBER

RACHEL is an interactive hair, it reacts to SL water and to the included Aquasense HUD. The hair is also compatible with Salt&Peppers Aquasense clothes.

There are 2 head size options (1 normal and one bigger for bigger heads)
Kupra and Petite chest versions are also in this pack

There are 3 different color huds available; Natural, Ombres and Highlights. The Naturals come with 77 different hair texture choices, and both Ombre and Highlights have 84 beautiful colors from which to choose. All three have an accompanying Colorpicker to fine tune the colors to your liking.
This is fitted hair.

Uber runs from July 25th @ 12 am SLT to August 22nd

✦ TAXI’s to Uber:
SLurl 1: https://bit.ly/3i2131z
SLurl 2: https://bit.ly/3wXbx6R
SLurl 3: https://bit.ly/3i21icZ

SLurl to mainstore for DEMO: https://bit.ly/3hYZUb4


Top: Salt&Pepper – Quistis (Aquasense interactive) also at UBER
Skin: amara beauty – Callie
Head: LeLUTKA EvoX Avalon
Necklace: Yummy
Earrings: =Zenith=Tilda
Nose piercing: ^^Swallow^^ Indira

BOM Layers from Izzie’s:

  • Moles
  • Dimples
  • Wet body & face

    BOM Layers from Glam Affair:
  • Body Freckles
  • Eyes makeup
  • Brows

    Body: Legacy

MINA – Marsha for Anthem!

Marsha Anthem 2019

MINA – Marsha for Anthem!

Yes! Another interactive hair! It REACTS TO SL DEFAULT WATER! The hair turns wet on contact. 25 seconds after you get out of the water it is completely dry again!

Package consists of FITTED Mesh hair, a color HUD, and the AquaSense Wet Hair HUD. Read more about the HUD HERE.

You will have complete control over the wet / dry state and the water drops by using the HUD. Perfect for taking pictures 🙂

Anthem opens on September 3rd.


Keep in mind that you CAN NOT resize or move FITTED/RIGGED Mesh. So always DEMO first. As always Mina will place a demo in the main store once the event starts. Demos are free! Please try a demo before you buy to ensure you are completely happy with the hair before you purchase it.




Skin: Amara beauty
Body: [LEGACY]
Head: GENUS Project
Eyes: IKON
Bikini (also interactive!): Salt & Pepper