June 14, 2024

MINA Hair – Neah, Odyle and Pippa for HAIR FAIR 2016

MINA Hair - NeahMINA Hair - OdyleMINA Hair - PippaMINA Hair - Kirstin Hair Fair gift

MINA Hair – Neah, Odyle and Pippa for HAIR FAIR 2016

I can feel the hair on the back of my neck and on my arms just rising. It must be time for HAIR FAIR 2016!? Are you ready to fight your way through the masses of shoppers all looking to fill their inventory with even more HAIR? Yes! It’s that time again. Hair Fair 2016 begins July 16th.

HAIR FAIR 2016 Event

MINA has created 3 new hair styles for this event. There is also a gift for the MINA Hair groupies. I guarantee you won’t be leaving this event empty handed.

Hair packages include: A new and improved HUD that has been updated with a “remove scripts” feature and a better way to rescale the hair (where applicable). Hair comes with and without materials as well as a busty version (where applicable). Each color pack contains 5 different shades.

Don’t forget why this event even exists. Wigs for Kids. Make sure you buy some of the Bandana’s that Second Life Residents have all created to help raise money for this worthy cause. Hope to see you there!

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