May 28, 2024

MINA Hair – Kim

MINA Hair - Kim by Mina Nakamura 06
MINA Hair – Kim a photo by Mina Nakamura 06 on Flickr.

Kim is my special collection for the upcoming Zombiepopcorn Brand round (read all about Zombiepopcorn Brand here: Take a taxi: Dark Tranquility

It is available in a 3 color pack for only L$ 100 from jan. 7th till jan. 20th 2012
After jan. 20th it will be in my main store and satellites in all the colors.

This hair comes with the new “MINA Hair HUD”. Read more about it on

In the Dido pictures you see
– Skin: League
– Sweater: Insanya
– Jewelry: Amorous

It is taken at: =Virtual Decay =

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