June 14, 2024

MINA Hair Challenge

Roller Ballet 1_001

Hello Mina’s boys and girls. Seasons are changing and you all are doing a great job showing the creations of wigs made by Mina herself.

Because we think promotion works both ways we came up with an idea.
Every week I am going to contact one of you and sent a notecard called “Mina Hair Challenge “
Our request is :  you answer the questions rename the note card  and sent them back to me.
This little interview will be posted on this blog  with 2 of your favorite pictures where you are showing  MINA Hair.
You can use 2 pictures you already posted or you can make 2 new pictures for this challenge.
For credits on what you are wearing when it comes to clothes and skin we link back to your blog were you already posted the pictures   or  we are linking back to the new post you are making because of this challenge.
If you want you can link back to Mina her blog and your personal interview / article but that is only by choice.

If and when you can’t make time or your don’t want to be bothered to join….. there is no force or sad faces our part if you don’t .. but we will be very happy if you do 😀

Looking foreword to see your beautiful pictures on Mina her blog and to get to know you all a little bit better.

Here are the 10 questions with me answering them.

1. Since when are you making   pictures in second life and why did you start doing it ?
✔ Since June 2010. I had a lot of people asking me where I bought my stuff so I started to blog about my shopping adiction.
2.How many hairs do you have in your inventory ?
✔ Pppfff I really don’t have time to count them ….
3. Are you a sl red head , brunette , blond , fantasy colored ,  or do you change every day ?
✔ Blond or red head most of the time…
4.Who is your favorite sl clothing  designer ?
✔ There are a lot of great designers  I love what Onyx LaShelle from Maitreya is making. She is renewing herself all the time.
5.How many  hours  do you spent blogging on a weekely basis ?
✔ Depends how busy I am at least 10 hours every week I think.
6.Who or what inspires you as a photographer ?
✔ My fellow bloggers and the creators and designers of second life
7.What do you do when you have a bloggers block ?
✔ I visit Pinterest and go watch the Flickr stream of all the people I follow
8.What is your favorite Mina Hair  ?
✔ I just love Blair ( picture below ) and Anais ( first picture )
9.Who is your favorite movie star ?
✔ Meryl Streep
10.How high is your inventory number ? Are you a cleaner or a hoarder ?
✔ 53.981 I really try to be a cleaner but…. I fail ….
11. Do you have a final message to add to this ?
✔ I hope to see more of you in weeks to come.

Tres Chic 3_001

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