May 28, 2024

MINA Hair Challenge

Hello next in line for the Mina Hair Challenge is Damatjo Magic also known as ღ Dama ღ

ღ Dama ღ on Flickr

 ღ Dama ღ her Blog


1. Since when are you making   pictures in second life and why did you start doing it ?

I make pics about 5 year now, since the day I met my partner that time. He is a photographer in SL and inspired me and learned me some things about photography.

2. How many hairs do you have in your inventory ?

Omg, I am really hair addicted. I started SL as a blond and changed after some years in a brunette.
I made a prim and put all my blond hair in, that will be about 75. After counting all brown hair, I have about 130.
Just a couple of weeks ago, I deleted a lot of very old ones.

3. Are you a sl red head , brunette , blond , fantasy colored ,  or do you change every day ?

I am a brunette now, but sometimes I use the dark red colors too. I don’t use any blond anymore, because my skin is too dark for blond hair.

4. Who is your favorite sl designer clothing designer ?

I don’t have 1 specific desigher, but I love the clothes from Addams and Blueberry.

5.How many hours do you spent blogging on a weekly basis  ?

I blog at least 2 posts a day. In the weekend it can be more.

6.Who or what inspires you as a photographer ?

I can be inspired by the surroundings inworld or quotes I read on internet , to make a theme pic.

7.What do you do when you have a bloggers block ?

I love live music in SL, exploring beautiful sims or chatting and dancing with friends.

8.What is your favorite Mina Hair ?

Difficult question, because I love them all. But I think Femke is still my favorite 🙂

9.Who is your favorite movie star ?

Richard Gere

10.How high is your inventory number ? Are you a cleaner or a hoarder ?

I finally started to clean my invent last month, I had 70k that time. Still not finished, but at the moment 47k.

11.  Do you have a final message to add to this ?

Just wanna say:  I am proud to be a blogger for Mina Hair !!

ღ Carpe Diem ღ


Thank you ღ Dama ღ nice to get to know you a little bit better.

Who will be next ?

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