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MINA Skin – Julia – Porcelain


Julia – Porcelain is a light skin (more shades are released soon). This is a base pack. Lipsticks and eye shadows are sold separately.

In the base pack:
– Cleavage and no cleavage skin
– 3 eyebrows color types; dark, blond, redbrown
– 3 hairbase layers; dark, blond, redbrown
– 1 teethlayer
– 1 freckles layer
– 1 blush layer
– 1 remove system lashes layer
– MINA Mesh Nipples!
– MINA Mesh Eyes – Hypnotize 1.0
– MINA System Eyes – Hypnotize 1.0

See some Lips:
MINA Skin – Julia – Lips 12
MINA Skin – Julia – Lips 11
See some Eyeshadows:
MINA Skin – Julia – Eyeshadow 04
MINA Skin – Julia – Eyeshadow 02

Demo on the marketplace
Product on the marketplace

Slurl to MINA

Dress: Coldlogic
Earing: Amorous
Hair: MINA – Yva

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MINA Skin – Julia – Porcelain at the upcoming Tropicalia Big Bazaar!

NEW NEW NEW, i made a SKIN \o/
and i am releasing it at the Tropicalia Big Bazaar! For only 75 L$

Julia Porcelain is available ONLY at:
Where: Tropicalia Big Bazaar
What: A SKIN ! (2 skins; 1 with and 1 without cleavage, a teeth layer and cateye make-up)
When: from April 5th till ?

For more information about Tropicalia Big Bazaar see:

TP to Tropicalia Big Bazaar:


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My blog:
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