Review & Store policy


My store in the Virtual World Second Life® ( Mesh, rigged mesh, flexi, sculpted, curly and straight hair, skin, eyes and more! Come visit MINA in world!

Failed delivery

If you purchased an item and did not receive it:
– Touch the redelivery terminal at MINA mainstore: MINA and follow the instructions. If that won’t work then;
– Go to WORLD – ACCOUNT HISTORY (on Copy the information of the purchase(s) into a new note card. Rename the note card with your full avatar name and drop it on my profile and I will send you a new package.

Please make a copy of the hair you purchased. If you did not and the resizing went wrong, IM me and I will help. Please tell me the name and color and sent me a snapshot of the hair.

Return Policy & Permissions

All items are no transfer/copy. Therefore it is not possible to exchange or return your purchases. I can not make any exceptions to this rule, so please don’t ask.
I provide demos for all items. They are free, so please use them :)

Review policy:

If I like your blog I will contact you myself.

I do love to see your pictures if there are MINA items used in your stylings, I would love you to add them to the MINA Flickr group:

MINA – Guidelines for Bloggers

There are a few things i would like to say.
Although it is appreciated if you send me a url with the blogpost in which you used my product, it is not necessary.
I will follow your blog to keep myself informed about al the newness on the grid so i will see your posts with MINA products.

Due to a high amount of blogger request I will remove your blog if you do not blog MINA products to make room for bloggers who will. I understand that not every product that comes out is your style, but one post every three months is all I ask. If you do not agree or can’t post one item every three months, let me know.
I understand that this must be difficult for male bloggers because not so many mens hair are produced by me, so you’re excused ;-)

Please read the notecards I put in my bloggerpacks.
It has important info on the product. Because most times it is NOT in my mainstore but set as a special price at some kind of event.

… and if something is wrong with the product let me know, you are often the first one to try the hair.
I appreciate it al lot.

Additional info:

SLURL =          
DESIGNER =           Mina Nakamura
BLOG =           
FLICKR =       
PLURK =        

In Real World
I live in the Netherlands, I speak Dutch, English and German.

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